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Pope: Trinity Is a Model for How to Live Relationships

At Angelus Address, Says We Should Be Leaven of Communion in Every Interaction

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The Trinity is not just a mystery to adore, but a model for how to interact in all our relationships, from friends to family to coworkers.
The Pope gave this lesson today before praying the midday Angelus with those gathered in St. Peter’s Square. Today is the feast of the Holy Trinity.
Drawing from John’s Gospel, the Holy Father explained the first part of the Spirit’s mission, saying he “guides us in new existential situations with a gaze fixed on Jesus and at the same time, open to events and to the future. He helps us to walk in history, firmly rooted in the Gospel and with a dynamic fidelity to our traditions and customs.”
But another aspect of the Spirit’s mission, the Pope said, involves our own relationship with God and with each other.
“Through baptism,” Francis said, “the Holy Spirit has placed us in the prayer and the very life of God, who is a communion of love. […] The trinitarian horizon of communion surrounds all of us and stimulates us to live in love and fraternal sharing, certain that where there is love, there is God.”


As we are created in the “image and likeness of God-Communion” then we must understand ourselves as “beings-in-relationship,” the Pontiff said, and “live interpersonal relations in solidarity and mutual love.”
Relationships like this should characterize the Church, the Pope said, “so that the image of the Church as icon of the Trinity is ever clearer.”
“But also in every social relationship,” he continued, “from the family to friendships, to work environments, all of them: they are all concrete occasions offered to us in order to build relationships that are increasingly humanly rich, capable of reciprocal respect and disinterested love.”
“The feast of the Holy Trinity,” the Pope concluded, “invites us to commit ourselves in daily events to being leaven of communion, consolation and mercy. In this mission, we are sustained by the strength that the Holy Spirit gives us.”

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