Pope Francis delivers his homily in Santa Marta


Pope's Morning Homily: On the Inner Peace Not Lost Amid Tribulations

At Casa Santa Marta, Francis Clarifies Between Jesus’ Peace and That ‘Anesthetized Peace’ The World Wants

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Only the Lord can give us peace amid tribulations. This is His peace, not the world’s.

According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis sent this strong message during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, while considering what is really peace.
In his homily, Francis reflected on Jesus’ words at the Supper in St. John’s Gospel: «I leave you peace, my peace I give you.” Francis also highlighted that today’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles speaks of the many tribulations that Paul and Barnabas experienced in their journeys to proclaim the Gospel.
«A peace without a cross,» Francis stressed, «is not the peace of Jesus» for only He and His peace can give us peace amidst tribulations.
Jesus, the Jesuit Pope reminded, emphasized that the peace He gives is not the one given by the world.
The world, Francis criticized, wants «anesthetized peace» to «prevent us from seeing the Cross.»
«The peace that the world offers us is a peace without tribulations. It offers us an artificial peace reduced to ‘tranquility.'» It is, he said, a peace «that is only concerned about one’s affairs and one’s security, lacking in nothing, […], a tranquility that ‘shuts’ oneself  without seeing beyond.»
«The world teaches us the way to anesthetized peace: it anesthetizes us from seeing another reality of life: the Cross.»
For this reason, Francis said, St. Paul says one must enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on the road with many tribulations.
«But is it possible to obtain peace amidst tribulation?» Francis asked. «From our side, no; we are unable to make peace that is tranquility, a psychological peace, our peace, because tribulations are there, whether pain, illness or death.  But,» he continued, «the peace that Jesus gives is a gift: it is a gift of the Holy Spirit.»
This peace, he stressed, lasts through tribulations and beyond, and «cannot be bought.»
«Without its crosses, its not real,» he said.
The peace of God, the Pope pointed out, is “a gift that keeps us going.»
«God’s peace is real peace, that enters the reality of life, that does not deny life; that is life. There is suffering, there are the sick people, there are many bad things, there are wars … but that peace within, which is a gift, is not lost, but goes ahead bearing the Cross and suffering.»
«Peace without the Cross, is not the peace of Jesus: it is a peace that can be bought. But it does not last; it comes to an end.»
Pope Francis prayed for all faithful to obtain the grace of inner peace, a gift of the Holy Spirit.
«When I get angry ‘I lose peace,’ the Pope said. «When my heart is ‘troubled,’ it is because I am not open to the peace of Jesus, because I am unable to bear life as it comes, with its crosses and sorrows that accompany it.»
However, we must be able to ask for the grace to ask the Lord for his peace, one which enables us «not to lose that inner peace.»
St. Augustine said, the Jesuit Pope recalled, ‘The life of the Christian is a journey between the persecutions of the world and the consolations of God.’
Pope Francis concluded, praying, «May the Lord make us understand well what this peace is which He gives us with the Holy Spirit.»
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Deborah Castellano Lubov

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