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Communication: Break the Vicious Circle of Bad News

Monsignor Vigano Invites to Put the Accent on “Possible Pardon”

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To “break the vicious circle of bad news” it is necessary to change “the way of telling the news, said Monsignor Dario Edoardo Vigano, Prefect of the Holy See’s Secretariat for Communication, in quoted words reported by the Italian Catholic Agency SIR on July 19, 2017.
The Prefect intervened in the presentation of the “Volti Di Speranza” (Faces of Hope) collection of the “Friends of Santina Zucchinelli” Association, created in memory of Santina Zucchinelli (1925-2012), mother of an Italian family, who lived, handicapped, for many years.
“To break the vicious circle of bad news . . . it’s not necessary to tell good news but, rather, it is necessary to change the stories, the way of telling the situations of the world, which have always been made of lights and shadows, of grace and of sin, of violence and of tenderness,” he stressed.
Monsignor Vigano welcomed the exhibition whose works “tell the stories of persons who lived dramatic situations of cruelty “ but “through a framework that leads to the horizon of a possible pardon, of a possible understanding.” The collection presents books written by Father Luigi Ginami, attached to the Secretariat of the First Section of the Vatican State Secretariat and son of Santina Zucchinelli.
“The characteristic traits of the testimony are discretion and silence,” continued the Prefect, as well as “gestures of consolation and goodness.” Also necessary, however, is “a pure look that is able to find these signs of testimony.”
“For the faith to become concrete, we must have very much at heart the history, the memory, the future ,“ and accept “to be reborn a second time. Reborn from on high to see as God sees the events of the world.”

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