Elon Musk Showed Interest In The Sound Of Freedom Movie

Elon Musk Will Project Verástegui’s Film “Sound of Freedom” on Twitter

A section of the progressive press ridicules the film as a conspiracy film.

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Enrique Villegas

(ZENIT News / Mexico City, 07.17.2023).- Released on July 4 was the film “Sound of Freedom” of Mexican producers Eduardo Verástegui and Alejandro Monteverde. The film has received a reception that has surprised the actors and the producers themselves, as it is rated among the top in audience attendance, despite the fact it’s competing with great premiers of production houses with greater investment capacity for publicity, such as Disney’s “Indiana Jones.”

The Mexican producers’ film focuses on a story related to the life of former U.S. Government agent Tim Ballard, in his fight against child trafficking. 

Eduardo Verástegui was interviewed about the film on the YouTube channel of political scientist Agustín Laje. During the interview, Verástegui made strong revelations, such as the fact that the film was sold to Fox but, when Fox was bought by Disney, Disney refused the film. When Verástegui was able to recover the film’s ownership, he himself revealed that he offered it to Amazon Prime and also Netflix but both rejected it (instead, the philo-paedophile production “Cuties” did enter in Netflix). Finally, it reached Angel Studios, the same producer of the famous series “The Chosen,” and this is how the “Sound of Freedom” ended up in movie theaters. 

But in the interesting interview published by Agustín Laje, producer Eduardo Verástegui made other no less surprising revelations: for example, that the film will be presented in the U.S. Congress  and that Elon Musk will project it on Twitter, after its premier ends in movie theaters worldwide. “Elon Musk committed himself, once the film has premiered in cinemas around the world, to bring it out on Twitter for the whole world. Imagine hundreds of millions of people seeing this film and getting its message. No one can stop this now,” said Verástegui, who added that thought is being given to a march in Washington, D.C., against child trafficking. Thus the battlefield opens against the best positioned mafias in the world, such as that of paedophilia. 

In regard to this fight, Jim Caviezel, the film’s leading actor, appears in a part of the interview. The interviewer makes Verástegui as well as Caviezel seen as a sector of the progressive press, such as Rolling Stone, Washington Post (of Amazon Prime’s proprietor who rejected Verástegui’s film) and The Guardian, which ridicule the film saying that it’s a conspiratorial film. To this accusation, the producer and leading actor replied that one can say they liked or did not like the film, but they can’t attack the argument. Child trafficking is something that everyone should be concerned about. Even more so when the film is based on real events, with the names of those that took part in them. In another part of the interview, Jim Caviezel points out the case of Hunter Biden, who is associated with the problem of relations with children. 

In addition to Jim Caviezel and Eduardo Verástegui himself, the film “Sound of Freedom”  (which will be released in Mexico at the end of August 2023), includes the participation of the Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino and actors of the stature of Bill Camp.

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