Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas Leader Photo: CNN

Hamas Leader’s Son, Convert to Catholicism, Says: “They Want a World Islamic State”

Mosab Hassan Yousef revealed the brutality and dark aims behind the terrorist group

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Julián Onof

(ZENIT News – ForumLibertas/ Barcelona, 26.10.2023).- In a recent interview with Fox News, Mosab Hassan Yousef, Hamas leader’s son and now a convert to Catholicism, revealed the brutality and dark aims of the terrorist group.

Yousef, who fled Palestine and renounced his family 25 years ago, after witnessing Hamas’ horrific actions, said: “I was born in the heart of the Hamas leadership and I know them very well. I was treated like a prince there, but I had to leave. They don’t value human life.” He remembers vividly his experience in the Megiddo prison in 1996, where Hamas carried out numerous murders of Palestinians. It was that horror that led him to separate himself definitively from the Movement.

After his escape, Yousef found refuge in the United States and later became a Catholic. From his new spiritual perspective, he’s decided to raise his voice at a crucial moment, coinciding with the recent conflicts between Israel and Palestine. “Hamas isn’t a national Movement. It’s a religious Movement with the aspiration to establish a global Islamic State. They’re not interested in nationalism and are against it. They are using the Palestinian cause simply as a tool to reach their ends,” he emphasized.

Beyond his revelations on the nature of Hamas, Yousef, son of the Hamas leader, also pointed to a more profound connection on the geopolitical scene. According to him, Iran is behind Hamas, fuelling its agenda. “Hamas serves Iran. We have to free Gaza from Hamas. Israel is doing the Palestinian people the best favour in trying to topple Hamas,” he said.

These statements give a unique perspective on the current situation in the Middle East, backed by the experience  and inside knowledge of someone who was once at the heart of Hamas itself. Now, as a Catholic convert, Yousef seeks to cast light on the real intentions of this group and appeal for a peaceful and just solution for all those involved.

Recently, he also gave an interview to CNN


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