Brings together political leaders and social agents with a pro-life and pro-family perspective Photo: PNfV

More Than 30 Pro-Life and Pro-Family Leaders Will Meet in New York

Political Network for Values is organizing its 5th international summit in defense of the family, life and religious liberty in New York.

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Pablo Hertfelder Garcia-Conde 

(ZENIT News / New York, 26.10.2023).- The international Political Network for Values (PNFV), which brings together political leaders and social agents with a Pro-Life and Pro-Family perspective, announced that its 5thInternational Summit will be held in New York on Thursday and Friday, November 16 and 17, to celebrate the 75thanniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. Its motto is “to affirm universal human rights,” focusing on Pro-Life and Pro-Family culture and fundamental liberties.

New York will bring together Pro-Life and Pro-Family leaders from different parts of the world, for the purpose of strengthening the battle in defense of the family, life and religious liberty. Three essential pillars, which they will defend tooth and nail, contributing ideas held in common and creating bridges between civil societies and politicians who say they do not reject these principles.

Among the outstanding speakers on these matters, 30 have confirmed their active participation, 12 of whom are especially prominent:

  • Jose Antonio Kast, President of the Political Network for Values and former presidential candidate of Chile (Chile)
  • Eduardo Verástegui, renown actor and film producer, pre-candidate to the 2024 presidency of Mexico (Mexico)
  • Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International (USA)
  • Neydi Casillas, Directress of the Global Human Rights Center (USA)
  • Adam Kavecsánszki, President of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary (Hungary)
  • Rodrigo Iván Cortés, President of the National Front for the Family (Mexico)
  • Helen McNamara, Directress of the International Center on Sexual Exploitation (USA)
  • Austin Ruse, President of C-Fam (USA)
  • Bernardo García Larrain, Coordinator of the Casablanca Declaration for the Universal Abolition of Surrogate Maternity (France)
  • Lila Rose, President of Live Action (USA)
  • Valerie Huber, Promoter of the Consensus Declaration of Geneva and former Special Representative for Women’s Global Health (USA)
  • Rachana Chhin, Legal Adviser to the UN of ASF International (USA)

It is a summit to combat firmly the New World Order and put as priority the family, a person’s dignity and the defense of the most fundamental liberties.

The summit will open with a gala dinner and presentation by the President of the network of political and social leaders on Thursday, November 16 at 06:00 pm. Then the inauguration will take place before the cultural battle starts the next day in this summit, initiating with Holy Mass and followed by a series of talks focused on the defense of the family, religious liberty, the defense of life, education in values and the promotion of human rights. The event will culminate with the reading of the Manifesto, signed by more than 100 social leaders from different parts of the world.

It is a clear appeal to celebrate true human rights and to commit to their defense.

Lola Velarde, Executive Directress of the PNFV said to ZENIT that “the event of the 75thanniversary of the DHR [Declaration of Human Rights] gives us a magnificent opportunity to gather top government officials, lawmakers and political and civic articulators of the whole world, who are willing to renew their commitment to the human rights enshrined in that document.

The Directress of the Political Network for Values, recalled that the commitment to the most fundamental principles of the person is essential and stressed that in the DHR there is an explicit recognition of the right to life (Article 3), to the protection that must be given to the family, to maternity and to children (Articles 16 and 25); the right of parents to choose their children’s education (Article 26); to the freedom of thought, of conscience, of religion, of opinion and of expression (Articles 18 and 19).

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