Iñigo Quintero Canta-Author From La Coruña Goes Viral Through The Tik Tok Platform

Young Spaniard unseats Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny with spiritual song.

At just 22 years old, this young man from La Coruña has become a worldwide sensation with his single Si no estás on Tik Tok and Spotify platforms. Moreover, his spiritual message has touched millions of people.

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(ZENIT News / Madrid, 31.10.2023) – The young man who overnight has reached international tops, Iñigo Quintero, has done what few have done by managing to place himself on Spotify above singers like Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny with his song “Si no estás” (If you are not). What has been especially surprising is that his track is religious-spiritual.

The singer-songwriter from La Coruña went viral through the Tik Tok platform and in less than a week got millions of views, already reaching more than 6 million plays. His Spotify account, which in March 2023 had thirty thousand monthly listeners, has now reached 25 million monthly listeners. He has surpassed Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny in Spain.

Since he has become a worldwide phenomenon in such a short time, little is known about his personal life, only resorting to his social media accounts. His song ranks as one of few that go viral while having a deep spiritual message. Counting with only four singles, his songs (both in musical tone and message) seek to convey deep experiences.

In the song “Si no estás” he makes several references to these spiritual experiences that, although they leave room for personal interpretation, are meditative and have touched the hearts and minds of many people around the world. Through his music, Iñigo seeks to communicate these messages from his heart.

Spiritual message of the song

Some of the phrases make one think of someone who realizes that he has left aside an important relationship in his life and wishes to recover it: “I hear thunders if you are not here”, “this distance is not normal”, “your few signs don´t reach me”, being phrases that could be related to the absence of God in one’s own life. In this sense, there are those who have seen in this an echo of St. John of the Cross.

Also words like “The truth is that it’s been a thousand damned nights without your embrace. It is something strange, I am addicted to your love” seem to speak not only of a human person to who he dedicates the song, beyond a sentimental rupture, they seem to evoke a supernatural reality, as he says in the beginning of the song “you dream high, is the power that they have given you from heaven”. Others have read in all this the experience of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Finally, he ends his account with a wish that many saints and believers have intensely desired during their lives. He says: “I want to see you, see you, see you…”.



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