Kamala Harris, American Vice-President

USA: For the First Time an American Vice-President Visits an Abortion Clinic During An Electoral Period

Toured the clinic’s facilities with the State’s Governor, Tim Walz, and Dr Sarah Traxler, Medical Directress of Planned Parenthood North Central States.

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(ZENIT News / Washington, DC, 26.03.2024).- American Vice-President Kamala Harris used abortion as a flag during her visit, on March14, to an abortion clinic in the State of Minnesota, traditional fiefdom of the Democrats. It’s the first time that such a top political leader visits a clinic where abortions are carried out. She already showed her position in early 2023 with a harangue to the abortionist bases of her Party during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the United States.

Michael Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington, Virginia, and President of the Pro-Life Commission of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States, commented on the Vice-President’s visit and said she could have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit an organization or agency “at the service of life.” Bishop Burbidge added: “It worries me to know that the Vice-President is visiting an abortion clinic when there are so many agencies and organization that are at the service of life that she could visit.” And he pointed out — in line with other Bishops of Minnesota –, his concern for the “violence sanctioned by the State against a whole class of human beings,” manifested in the promotion of abortion.

On February 20, 2023, Minnesota’s legislation approved the right to abortion in its Constitution, made available during the whole of a woman’s pregnancy, making the State a refuge for all abortion providers of women from other areas.

Maggee Hangge, associate of policies of the Catholic Conference in Minnesota, said that “Vice-President Harris is here to celebrate that Minnesota is one of the most permissive places for abortion in any part of he world. This open access to abortion, without protections, undermines the objective to foment an inclusive society and is not in contact with the opinions of the majority of Minnesota’s inhabitants on the subject.”

It is notorious that two surveys carried out by Minnesota’s KSTP’ Survey USA and Star Tribune/MPR News/Kare 11, showed that only 30% of the State’s residents are in favour of unrestricted abortions.

Kamala Harris toured the clinic’s facilities with the State’s Governor, Tim Walz, and Dr Sarah Traxler, Medical Directress of Planned Parenthood North Central States. The Vice-President said:”At this moment, our country is facing a very serious health crisis and the crisis is affecting many, many people in our country, the majority of whom are frankly suffering in silence, after the Supreme Court of the United States took away the Constitutional right that it had recognized of the people of America, of the women of America,” as reported by The Epoch Times in Spanish.

Cathy Blaeser, Co-Executive Directress of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, said in a press release: “The Vice-President’s visit shows total devotion of the Biden Administration for extreme abortion policies. Minnesota is an atypical case after promulgating  a law on abortion up to birth, and the abolishment of a program that supported pregnant women. That’s why Vice-President Harris came here. However, unrestricted abortion harms women and children. The majority of Minnesota’s residents don’t want what Harris, Biden and lawmakers are selling.”

Given Minnesota’s permissive legislation, the Catholic Bishops promulgated a letter to lawmakers on February 23, 2023, stating: “We cannot permit violence sanctioned by the State against a whole class of human beings. At least, we should all be in agreement that post-availability abortions, except to save the mother’s life, must not be permitted, that contributors must not be obliged to finance more abortions than those already exacted by the courts and that medical professionals must not be punished for refusing to take part in abortions.”

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