Official Images of Sts. John Paul & John XXIII Released

Includes Prayers to Soon-to-be-Canonized Popes

With the canonizations of Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII drawing closer, the Holy See Press Office has released two official images of the popes with the halo of sainthood.

The halo is permitted solely for those who are canonized and with the upcoming event on April 27th, images of the soon-to-be-declared saints are already being printed.

Each image contains a prayer for the intercession of the pontiffs. The “Prayer to St. John XXIII states: “Your simple and meek persona carried the scent of God and the desire of goodness was inflamed in the heart.” The prayer concludes: “Pray for us so that we do not limit ourselves to mourn the darkness but rather to enkindle the light, bringing Christ everywhere and always praying to Mary. Amen.”

The “Prayer to St. John Paul II” states: “Oh Saint John Paul, from the window of Heaven grant us your blessing! Bless the Church that you have loved, served and guided, pushing Her with courage towards the paths of the world to bring Christ to all, and all to Christ.”

“Oh Saint John Paul,” the prayer concludes, “from the window of Heaven, where we see you next to Mary, send down upon us all the blessing of God. Amen.”

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