Peruvian Bishop Heads Anti-Corruption Panel

LIMA, Peru, APR. 29, 2001 ( A bishop is heading a new commission that is looking for ways to overcome widespread corruption in Peru.

Bishop Miguel Irízar of Callao, secretary of the Peruvian bishops´ conference, has just presented an outline of a proposal entitled “Ethical Commitment for Peru.”

The bishop presented the document in his capacity as president of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, established April 16 by the government. The commission´s objective is to struggle against the corruption that penetrates the country´s institutional structures.

The panel, which will include 11 individuals from different areas of public life, has to complete a report on corruption by July 20.

When presenting “Ethical Commitment for Peru” last Wednesday, Bishop Irízar explained that the purpose of the document is “to institutionalize the struggle against corruption; promote public ethics; guarantee transparency and the rendering of accounts in public administration; and foster citizen vigilance.”

The Spanish-language document may be read at