Questioning the Polls

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A response to: Poll: Catholics Want Immigration Reform

Polling 1,000 Catholics does not make a majority by any means. I know more Catholics who do not support illegals in the ways suggested in this piece. Thomas Aquinas’ saying holds true: There is no charity in allowing injustice.

These people have unjustly broken our laws by not applying for citizenship like others from their countries have done. As Citizens of the US, none of us can break the laws of the land and get by w/it. Illegals have nations of their own from which they should demand these “rights” and not simply take them from another nation because they can get by w/it. Why don’t these same people who protest against our just laws, take to the streets in their own nations against their unjust laws. We are simply pushing the problem further down the road for answers by not properly responding to the root cause. Breaking the laws of the US simply because it seems OK to do w/o repercussions, is never an option. Citizens of the US could not do so nor should a non-citizen do so. Please tell me where is the justice in that. And where is the justice for those who have awaited their entry into the US as prescribed and done all that was necessary to become legal citizens of the US.

I repeat: “There is NO charity in allowing injustice.” for anyone. And everyone knows it. That’s why so many US citizens are opposed including Catholics. It is not from a lack of charity but a resounding lack of justice for all.

Carole Winder

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