A response to: Spain's Court Curbs "Moral Indoctrination"

Spain is a good example of secular indoctrination in the public schools. The next country to have the Supreme Court dictate how your children will be educated is the USA. We are well on the way now and in the USA you cannot depend on the parents to object. Our children are already taught by the government and not by the parents. [...]

Jay Everett

Path to Salvation With the Ill

A response to: Cases Like Eluana’s Can Have Happy Endings

I am greatly touched by Fr. Trento’s personal experience with the terminally ill; the little I followed of Eluana’s life experience is not as haste to the very ones Father is looking after, I would imagine in worse medical settings in Paraguay. I listened to a talk show on a Catholic FM in Nairobi of people sharing views a day following the disconnection of Eluana’a feeding tube — you could feel the distaste, the anger; one listener shared an experience of his mother who is terminally ill and her insistence to be left to die, but those caring do not take it as a burden, it is their cross and possibly path to salvation.

Fr. Trento’s return of a medal of such honor was a heroic action.

Bagire Vincent,