Article: Bidding Farewell to a Dynasty

As someone who grew up in Boston under the overwhelming cultural influence of the Kennedys (and who had attended Harvard, partly because the Kennedy men had), I can't say how disappointed I have been at their spinelessness in not supporting the natural law with regard to contraception and population control, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and marriage.

But I also think that many bishops have been spineless in wielding their authority as successors of the Apostles and articulators of the natural law. In this Year for Priests, let us all intensify our prayers for the bishops and the clergy that they may have courage and wisdom in preaching the truth.

Joe McPherson

The Wrong Question

Article: Why Go Back?

Ms. Poole objects to the direction which the Holy Father is leading the Church regarding the liturgy. She equates fidelity to the liturgical tradition and the desire of the Pope to restore a sense of the sacred as «going back.»

The Missal of Pius V, known now as the Extraordinary Form, never was and still is not the possession of the elite. Is Ms. Poole unfamiliar with the various Saints (i.e. Vianney, Bosco, etc.) who taught the poor to love the Mass and to see it as it truly is: The Sacrifice of Christ made present in space and time for the benefit of all humanity?

The Pope has made the case that a rupture took place after the council in the liturgical life of the Church. This was not the intention of the Council but the result of powerful dissenters who sought to corrupt the Roman Rite.

Benedict is rightly calling upon all Catholics to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: a profoundly beautiful liturgical tradition crowned with the jewel of sacred music worthy of God.

«Why go back?» is not the right question. More correctly should we ask: «What happened that so many people were duped into accepting the liturgical chaos which was hoisted upon us?»

Ms. Poole, our churches in the West are empty, our confessional lines are short and the indifference of so many baptized wounds the Heart of Christ.

Lets admit that we took the wrong path, no matter how well intentioned, which led us to the present mess.

Let us also admit that the Pope is the voice of Christ in the Church and that where he is leading us is where Christ wishes us to go.

Father Peter J. DiMaria