VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 14, 2009 ( Passages from the Old and New Testament, lives of saints from long ago or from our times, and a variety of other themes will be the focus of a 25-piece festival called "The Theater of the Sacred."

Vatican Radio reported today on the festival, which will be held in Lucca, in northern Italy, from Sept. 21 to 27.

The Federation of Theatric Groups and Activities, as well as the Archdiocese of Lucca and other foundations, are sponsoring the event. 

"Sacred [themes] bring a lot of interest," said Fabrizio Fiaschini, one of the festival promoters. "All of these are pieces that have worked with and gone deeper into the theme of the sacred with great professionalism and passion.

"It is interesting [to see] the variety of these approaches to the sacred, which have taken up this theme united to Catholic tradition." 

Abraham and the women of the Gospels are among the sacred subjects to be highlighted in the theatric presentations. 

Others include the 19th century Sudanese saint Josefina Bakita; the World War II-era thinker and contemplative Edith Stein; the mystery of the Eucharist; and the passage to eternal life.