Pope Is Not Going Back

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Article: Why Go Back?

I have found that most people who make comments like this are quite uninformed as to what exactly Vatican II outlined for the liturgy. If [one reads] «Sacrosanctum Concilium» or Pope Benedict’s (Cardinal Ratzinger’s) «Spirit of the Liturgy» or Monsignor Gamber’s «Reform of the Roman Liturgy» (which featured a foreword by Cardinal Ratzinger), [one] would know that His Holiness is trying to save a sinking liturgical ship.

Look at the abundant abuses that began even before the Ordinary Form of the Mass came into being officially! To be sure, the Pope has made the Extraordinary Form far more available than it ever was, but though its popularity is growing, it will never — at least in our lifetime — supercede the «Missa Normativa» of Pope Paul VI.

But restoring the sacred and implementing what was intended by the Council Fathers is certainly not «going back.» Even so, it is always a good idea to make the past present. […]

God bless,

Rev. Michael W. Magiera, FSSP

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