There has been much discussion in the media about the Apostolic Visitation process, some of it quite negative. Our community has just completed our Apostolic Visitation. Does the fact that we were interviewed mean that we are a bad community? No!

In an effort to get a fair picture of apostolic religious life in the United States, about 100 communities are being interviewed. Communities of different sizes, small, medium, and large, have been chosen. They are from different parts of the country, and from urban and rural areas. Communities were chosen with different apostolates: education, health care, parish ministry, working with the poor, etc.

Our sister visitors were pleasant, friendly, and good listeners. They were interested in seeing how we experience religious life. We discussed our vocation stories, our ministries, our strengths and challenges as a community, how we picture our future, and how the Church can be of help to us. In our community we have been very fortunate to have a community director who cooperated with the whole process and encouraged us to do the same.

About two-thirds of our sisters had interviews. We did not find the process something to be worried or fearful about. If we open our hearts, it can be a special time of God's grace. I pray that many other communities will have the same experience.

Sister Jean Anne Moser
Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity