With all due respect to those who support this effort, I believe it is ill conceived and will promote more blatant disregard for the immigration laws of the US.  It demonstrates that breaking the laws of the US is profitable, and rewarded. There is a great divide between the laws and the reality regarding immigration. Without rethinking and revamping the laws, and consistent enforcement of them, we will never resolve the issue of illegal immigration.

I understand the charity of promoting the cause of certain persons who believe themselves to be Americans even though they are not, and who have talents which appear useful and beneficial to the people of the US, but the overwhelming downside should not be ignored. Where are the people who support the Dream Act and are likewise challenging the current legal situation regarding entry of undocumented people into the US? The number of undocumented aliens indicates to me that we have no cohesive structure in which people are admitted legally.  If we do not address the underlying issues of immigration, this is a foolhardy attempt to circumvent and ridicule the position of those who do follow the legal paths to entry to the US and citizenship.

Barbara Koeppen