Though US citizens will Tuesday mark 40 years since the US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the nation, pro-lifers are advancing the protection of the unborn at the state level.

According to Americans United for Life, a law and policy organization, the 2012 state legislative year produced "significant victories for life across the United States."

The group says the groundwork is laid for "victories in 2013 and beyond. Last year, at least 60 new life-affirming laws, including at least 38 measures related to abortion, were enacted. Additionally, 16 pro-life state resolutions were adopted."

Americans United for Life has published their annual "Life List," detailing the status of pro-life legislation in each state. 

According to the group, Louisiana is the state best protective of life, while Washington state is the worst.

The list offers a state-by-state explanation of abortion law, legislation recently passed or still under debate, and recommendations for pro-life advances.

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