DVDs Offer Rediscovery of the Faith

Include Expert Interviews, Youth Testimonies

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On the occasion of the Year of Faith proclaimed by Benedict XVI, the EUK Mamie Foundation, an initiative of the Home of the Mother, has taken advantage of the opportunity to launch a new program entitled, “Rediscover”. The program consists of two DVDs that cover various aspects of the Faith: ‘Faith and Reason’, ‘Faith and the Church Today’, ‘What Does it Mean to Believe?’, and ‘Faith and Love’.

It features interviews with a wide range of professionals in the areas of theology, philosophy, communications/mass media, astronomy, physics, etc. who enrich the audience with their knowledge, along with testimonies from young people and adults whose personal encounter with Christ and adherence to the faith has radically changed their lives.

“Faith is never an isolated fact. The faith is always united to its source, which is God. Faith can be given in various moments in someone’s life, through different instruments of faith. A person can discover God through nature. Yet, no one can discover a personal God except through Jesus Christ.” – Abbot Michael John Zielinski, O.S.B., Vice-President of the Pontifical Commission for Cultural Heritage of the Church

“Faith is not only never an obstacle for reason, but faith – for those who have it and use it in the right way, that is, without using faith premises in a rational discussion with someone who does not believe – can even guide reason, because on fundamental questions, in which reason alone cannot offer a response on its own, faith can shed a greater light.” – Professor Giorgio Faro, Associate Professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

“The word science, as it is used today, can only be applied to research that leads to facts that can be proven by experimentation. Science, therefore, can only speak of the material world. Obviously, that is a very limited range of knowledge, because everything that is important in our lives, for instance interpersonal relationships, our families, the society, our yearnings to find the truth, beauty, what is good – all that truly defines human rationality – cannot be subject to experimentation.” – Fr. Manuel Maria Carreira, S.J., Astrophysicist

This and much more can be found in “Rediscover”, two DVD’s with 4 main points, with a complete running time of approximately 60 minutes, available in English, Spanish, and Italian.

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To view the trailer, visit: http://www.eukmamie.org/en/television/specials/1364-rediscover

EUK Mamie Foundation – www.eukmamie.org/en

Home of the Mother – www.homeofthemother.org

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