World Youth Day Registration Ending on June 20th

Challenge of Challenges Offers Discount For Registration Before Deadline

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Every week the “Official Fan Page of the 2013 Rio WYD” presents a new challenge to young people. On Saturday, June 1, it presented the “Challenge of Challenges”: to register or finalize one’s registration before midnight local time on June 20. If payment is made before this deadline, the individual or group doing so will be given a 5% discount. It is valid also for those using a credit card, international bank transfer or who live in Brazil and can use a “bank ticket” [boleto bancario].

It is also valid for pilgrims who already registered but are yet to make their final payment, as the discount will be applied to the last installment. The deadline is June 20, at 23 hours 59 minutes (Brasilia time). The discount is valid through the three means of payment (card, “boleto bancario [Brazil], international bank transfer).

Requests for the partial or total return of payments of groups or members of groups made before or after the period of validity of the “Challenge of Challenges” will not be accepted.

Why register? The Website of the 2013 Rio WYD explains that registration is the entrance door for the pilgrim thus officially becoming part of the event. “Thanks to the registrations, we are able to know better, to receive and to attend better pilgrims and their needs (accommodation, food, transport …).

It is important to remember that there will be events open to the public, others with areas reserved for those who have registered and still others that are open only to those pilgrims who have registered.

Group reservations are to be made by the individual “in charge of the group.” Additionally, there must be a “second” individual “in charge.” For mixed groups it is preferable that a man and a woman be in charge. The website points out that each group can have a maximum of 50 pilgrims, including those in charge.

Every participant can be included in a group of pilgrims or take part in one that is already formed, of the diocese, parish, school, faculty, etc. If an individual is not included in any group he can registers as “one in charge.”

The World Youth Day is open to all. However, only those older than 14 (up to the date of the beginning of the WYD which is July 23, 2013), can register officially as pilgrims.

Groups that wish to bring pilgrims who are younger than 14 must be totally responsible for them, including for their accommodation, food, and transport. The child will not be able to be registered as a pilgrim.

The prices vary. The most expensive is just over US$300.00 per person, for the week from the 23rd to the 28th. It includes: lodging, food, transport and the pilgrim’s kit. The lodging is often in colleges, family homes, schools, parishes, etc. The same package is available for those coming from countries with less resources, at the lower price of just under US$250.00.

One can also choose the minimum for the whole week: insurance, transport and pilgrim’s kit, for some US$120.00, as the price varies according to one’s country (A, B, C).

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