With the presence of Monsignor Ivo Scapolo, Apostolic Nuncio to Chile, and Monsignor Ricardo Ezzati, Archbishop of Santiago, the fourth issue of the English edition of HUMANITAS review and the 70th number of its Spanish edition were presented. Both numbers pay homage to Pope Francis and the emeritus Pontiff Benedict XVI.

The Apostolic Nuncio expressed his gratitude for HUMANITAS review’s commitment to launch this number, and he called everyone to perform a lectio divina on the earlier events trying to understand what God wants to say to us through the history of the Church and of the human family, instead of resign oneself to a superficial reading of the facts.

The Archbishop of Santiago and Grand Chancellor of the University referred to the latest pontiffs as living encyclical letters: one of them on faith “through the testimony of his fully grown faith”; the other one on gestures, as he submits his own humanity to the work of grace, in order to conform himself to the image of the Good Shepherd expressing His simplicity and offering His protection.

Prof. Jaime Antúnez, Director of HUMANITAS review, highlighted that, through Pope Francis’ personal style, America may recognize the voice of his predecessors and provide continuity to their legacy.

This new edition includes a chronology that gather the most important facts on the great events of the Church since February 2013, when His Holiness Benedict XVI announced his resignation. In addition, included are the farewell speeches and the later welcoming speeches of Pope Francis. The intention was –as the Director said– to write a historical record of this intense time of Church’s life. In HUMANITAS review nr. 4 (www.review.humanitas.cl) it has been published for the first time in English the article “Look for the road towards the future, taking with you the memory of your roots”, which appeared in the number 47 of the Spanish edition in July 2007; the article is an enlightening reflection on Latin-America’s actuality.

Within the context of the Year of the Faith and of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Council, HUMANITAS review has published a summary of the main ideas exposed in Cardinal Josef Frings’ speech “Second Vatican Council and Modern World”, which was pronounced in Cologne on November 29, 1961. This document, which is fundamental in order to understand the moment and the purpose of Vatican II, was written by the young priest Josef Ratzinger at the request of his superior. When John XXIII read it, he invited Cardinal Frings to come and see him. When he went, the pope embraced him, and said: “Thank you, Your Eminence, you said the very things I wanted to say myself, but I could not find the words”. Afterwards Cardinal Frings told the pope who wrote the speech. Along with this speech, there are also some selected words of the last four popes regarding the Council.

The English edition of HUMANITAS review is available online at: www. review.humanitas.cl