Although many times in our history there are mistakes and sins, the Lord intervenes in our history and places us on the right path.

This was the theme of the Holy Father’s homily today during morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta.

The Pope spoke on today’s gospel, which recounted Jesus calling the first of his disciples -- an event, he noted, that shows how God prepares our lives to walk on the journey of life. However, although the disciples were elected, it does not always mean they were faithful.

“After this election they made a mistake, they made non-Christian suggestions to the Lord: they denied the Lord! Peter on a superlative level, the others out of fear: they were frightened and left. They abandoned the Lord,” he said.

“The Lord prepares. And then, after the Resurrection, the Lord had to continue along this path of preparation until Pentecost. And even after Pentecost, some of these - Peter, for example - was mistaken and Paul had to correct him. But the Lord prepares.”

As evidenced by the genealogy of Christ, the Lord has “mixed” into history and corrected the path to prepare for the coming of Jesus. “Let us think of the great David,” the Pope said, “a great sinner and then a great saint. The Lord knows! When the Lord says to us: ‘With eternal love, I have loved you’, he refers to this. From so many generations the Lord has thought of us, of each one of us!”

To believe in this love, the Holy Father went on to say, is an act of faith that many times is unbelievable. Man’s reason can sow the doubt that God is thinking of him. The 77 year old Pontiff concluded his homily saying that in our own genealogical history, the Lord has prepared the path for us to follow.

“This is His love: concrete, eternal and also artigianal. Let us pray, asking for this grace to understand the love of God,” he said.

“The Lord who prepares for a long time, walks with us, preparing others. He is always with us! Let us ask for the grace to understand with our hearts this great love.”