Robert George Launches 'Iraq Rescue' Web Site

Petition Drive Asks US to Take a Lead in Stopping ISIS

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Robert P. George, a vice chair of the U. S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), has launched a web site to collect signatures for «A Plea on Behalf of the Victims of ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq.»

George is also McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University, and a widely published author.

The web site statement asserts, «It is imperative that the United States and the international community act immediately and decisively to stop the ISIS/ISIL genocide and prevent the further victimization of religious minorities.»

Signers call upon the US and the international community to «empower local forces fighting ISIS/ISIL in Iraq to protect their people.»

«No options that are consistent with the principles of just war doctrine should be off the table,» the plea adds.

Signers call for a more comprehensive goal that «simply clamping a short-term lid on the boiling violence that is threatening so many innocents in ISIS/ISIL’s path.»

«Nothing short of the destruction of ISIS/ISIL as a fighting force will provide long-term protection of victims,» it says.

The statement also proposes, «It is also worth bearing in mind that our own nation is not without responsibility for the plight of victims of ISIS/ISIL genocide.  What is happening to these people now, and the further threats they face, would not be happening but for errors and failures of our nation’s own in Iraq.»

Iraq Rescue site:

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