A Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt was attacked on Monday morning. According to Fides News Agency, the Church was struck by an explosive device by armed men and wounding two policemen guarding the Church in Kafr el-Dawar.

The Church, which is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, is run by the Franciscan Fathers. Bishop Adel Zaki, O.F.M., the Apostolic Vicar of Alexandria for the Catholics of the Latin Rite, said the attack occurred at 3 a.m.

"The injured policemen were taken to the city hospital," he said. "The episode is to be linked to other attacks carried out against different objectives, which in my opinion are designed to give the impression that Egypt is an insecure and destabilized country. Maybe one wants to send signals of this type in view of the International Conference of aid to Egypt, to be held in Sharm el Sheikh next March 13".

The location of the Coptic Catholic Church is in southern Egypt, roughly 20 kilometers from Alexandria.