Pro-Life Students Escorted Out of Building by Police and Officers Retaining the Crowd. Photo: CBN

Mob Surrounds and Attacks Pro-Life Students of Manchester University: Threatened to Violate the Pro-Life Women

They were spat on, physically threatened, and they yelled at a student that they would “rape her.” Jacob, treasurer of the Manchester Pro-Life Society, told Catholic Herald that “if it wasn’t for the police and security, people would have been physically hurt.”

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(ZENIT News / Manchester, 10.03.2024).- Pro-Life students of Manchester University in the United Kingdom were attacked on February 29 by furious defenders of abortion. The police had to intervene to contain the enraged mob.

The  situation broke out violently when the pro-life group  attempted to hold their first meeting. The boos and attacks started before the opening act of the recently created Pro-Life Society of Manchester and 250 people surrounded the building  of the meeting.

The group has been checked since its creation in January as it intends to promote “respect for the dignity of human life from conception,” it states on its Instagram page. The student group organized the talk and were harassed when accessing the building. Eggs were hurled at the windows as well as a torrents of insults and threats, Right to Life UK reported.

The police enabled the pro-life students to enter the building as the intimidation intensified. As they left the conference, the students passed through the protesters retained by the police to the tune of songs  of “What a disgrace! What a disgrace! What a disgrace.” They were spat on, threatened physically and said to one student that they would “rape” her. Jacob, treasurer of the Manchester Pro-Life Society, said to the Catholic Herald: ”had the police and security not been there, people would have been physically hurt.”

A 22-year-old woman in advanced pregnancy was escorted to her home in a police van for her safety. “I really thought our lives were risking danger,” said Maisie, a former student of the University. “We were some 30 and they were 300. The majority had their face covered.”

The pro-life group said its objective is “to create a pro-life culture on the campus and support the dignity of human life from conception.”

“From the legal point of view, it’s not possible to hinder a Society from affiliating itself because of its legal points of view that are opposed to those of other students,” said the spokesman of the Students’ Union. “This means that, despite the concern for students’ security, the Students’ Union cannot hinder a Society from being formed because of its beliefs.”

“The Students’ Union must be a place that supports the rights and wellbeing of all the students, instead of backing Societies that intend to abolish these rights,” said the Students’ Union after getting 19,000 signatures of University of Manchester students that were asking for the group’s dissolution, adding themselves to the “now prevailing stigma” around abortion. “The Students’ Union must be a place that supports the rights and wellbeing of all students instead of backing Societies that intend to abolish these rights,” it reiterated.

Lorcán Price, legal adviser of the UK Alliance Defending Freedom demanded that the University of Manchester and the Students’ Union protect the rights of all students. “Universities, everywhere, should be where everyone can learn, debate, challenge and discuss ideas that are important for us. The Students’ Union has the duty  to watch over the students to guarantee the protection of their right to freedom of expression. The debate is always welcome. To try to silence someone’s beliefs through threats of violence is unacceptable behaviour in British society.”

The Right to Life UK charity organization, which works in abortion situations, reported that, since 2017, student representation groups in the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Nottingham and Strathclyde have tried to impede pro-life student groups from affiliating to their Unions and benefitting from the same privileges  available to any other student group.

All Students’ Unions of these Universities revoked the decision when the pro-life group threatened legal action. Birmingham University students also had considerable difficulties in affiliating themselves to the University, but were able to do so despite strong opposition.

A woman student of Obstetrics of Nottingham University was suspended in 2019 and faced expulsion from her course because a professor undervalued her role in the University’s pro-life group. A decision at the end of 2020, closed the case formally and the University apologized to the student, offering her compensation for her “unjust suspension,” reported Right to Life UK.

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