Following Research, British Government Makes Known Frightening Results of “Gender Change” in Minors

: The conclusion of an expert is “failure.” Clinics and experts were mistaken in their approach because ‘There are no scientific reasons to proceed to sex change when we are talking about a youth younger than 25 years.’ The conclusions of the 388-page study also point out that: “Medicine concerned with sex change is built on an insecure foundation.”

USA: Young People’s Support for Gay Unions Drops

22% of young people in the United States between 18 and 29 years of age identify with the LGBTQ ideology as do 58% of residents in the United States, who consider themselves liberals or relate to the Democratic Party. It is relevant that the majority of Americans considered to be LGBTQ have no religious affiliation: 35% say they are Christians and 5% are non-Christian believers.