Articles By Rafael Llanes

Chinese Government Poses Problems for the Catholic Church in Hong Kong Over the Secret of Confession

Given that Chinese Catholics can commit crimes during protests or actions related to the Hong Kong Authority and confess them in the Sacrament of Penance, priests could be accused of crimes against the Law of sedition, if they don’t reveal knowledge of these actions, which the secrecy of the Sacrament impedes them from violating. Under the banner of “National Security,” henceforth the Hong Kong police will be able to carry out any intervention against a priest.

Amid farmers’ protests across Europe, caravan stops at the Vatican and gives tractor to the Pope

They entered St. Peter’s Square with the tractors they used during the days of protest, organized against European policies that ban pesticides and impose minimum prices on their products. They also presented the Pope with “a tractor, a symbol of our effort,” flour brought from their regions, the image of a Christ found in a field, and a bell used to call animals.

War in Ukraine? Leader of the Eastern Greek-Catholic Church, the Most Numerous in Communion with the Pope, Responds

His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk asks if “as a shepherd of this suffering people: is it possible to sacrifice millions of Ukrainians suffering atrocities at the hands of the Russian occupiers for a so-called peace? Can I sacrifice my communities and be calm, while our Church is banned in the occupied territories? “Can I sacrifice our priests kidnapped by the Russians, about whom we have not heard anything for a year?”