Brazilian President Hopes For a WYD That Will Last in Hearts

Dilma Rousseff Proposes Alliance with Catholic Faith To Combat Hunger, Poverty and Underdevelopment

Rousseff said it was an immense pleasure for her to receive the first Pope of Latin America, and she shares fully all the teachings that Pope Francis has spread in the world for social justice, human rights, peace and the defense of the poor and the weak.

The President spoke of common enemies, such as inequality, underdevelopment and indifference towards the poor and the weak, and she invoked an alliance for social justice and development.

According to President Rousseff, what will cement this alliance is the faith that animates Brazil, which is in the heart of all young people who are now at Rio for the World Youth Day.

Rousseff said that Brazil is proud of having reduced poverty and increased the population’s security. In this connection, she thanked the Catholic Church, which is the most committed in supporting the most vulnerable parts of the population: children, adolescents, people who live on the streets, prisoners.

For the Brazilian President, the faith, which is an “indelible feature of Brazil” and the WYD marks the birth of a new society founded on joy, optimism and Christian values.

Dilma Rousseff concluded hoping that the WYD will last longer than a week and nourish hope in everyone’s heart.

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