Milan: Adele Wasn’t There. Pope Francis Gave Her a Call …

Elderly and Suffering, the Woman was Unable to Be Present to Welcome the Pope in the Milanese District of Forlanini


Pope Francis gave his blessing by telephone to Adele Agogini, 81, who wanted to welcome the Pontiff to the Forlanini suburb of Milan together with her husband, Nuccio Oneta, 82.

During his visit to Milan on March 25, 2017, “as a priest,” the Pope wished to begin by meeting three families of the “Casa Bianche” area.

During the visits, we hear the Pope say: “Mrs Adele,” as he speaks on the telephone in a video published by TV2000.

“Good morning. How do you feel? Ailments and pains must be offered to the Lord. I embrace you.”

The elderly couple live on the third floor of number 32 of the Case Bianche. They were married religiously 61 years ago, and have a daughter, Giovanna, 51. They are a Catholic couple who take part in Mass every day through the television and often receive Communion. Adele is almost completely blind and Nuccio has been suffering since 2006 from a tumor of the throat, which has been partially reduced by radiotherapy. However, he has serious lung problems and there is fear of a metastasis. With their simple and profound faith, they were happy to prepare themselves to receive the Pope.

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