Newspaper Calls for More Cooperation Against Terrorism

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2004 ( The weekend attacks in Saudi Arabia, linked to al-Qaida, prompted the semiofficial Vatican newspaper to call for greater international cooperation against terrorism and its causes.

In the attacks, in two oil installations that house offices and employees’ residences in Jobar, “22 innocent civilians were barbarously killed,” L’Osservatore Romano noted.

In its May 31-June 1 Italian edition, the newspaper states that “whoever kills with terrorist acts nourishes sentiments of contempt toward humanity, manifesting despair about life and the future. From this point of view, everything can be hated and destroyed.”

“In the struggle against terrorist activity,” the paper stated, “greater international cooperation is necessary which must also entail a particular commitment, at a political, diplomatic and economic level, to resolve with courage and determination the eventual situations of oppression and marginalization that might be at the origin of these terrorist designs.”

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