Layan Nasir Photo: Mondoweiss

Mozambique: Famine, disease and thirst predicted due to Islamist terrorism

Christians are a minority in predominantly Muslim northern Mozambique, but the two communities have historically coexisted peacefully until the armed insurgency broke out in 2017. Extremist groups tend to target civilian and state-owned institutions, but attacks on specifically Christian communities have also been reported – including the murder of an Italian religious Sister in 2022.

Lent pro-life volunteers alarmed as Germany considers UK-style censorship zones to criminalise help and prayer near abortion organisations

New draft law would introduce censorship zones in Germany for behaviour that could be perceived as “confusing” or “disturbing” – potentially including prayer. Asked about the frequency of “harassment” incidents at abortion facilities that would justify the introduction of censorship zones, the government admitted: “The federal government does not have any concrete numerical findings.” German lawyer Dr. Felix Böllmann: “The German government wants to ban something, but doesn’t know what or why”.