Concert "With and For" The Poor To Be Held at the Vatican

Homeless Given First Row Seats at May 14th Event

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A concert will be held not only with but also for the poor. Thus described is the initiative organized to support Pope Francis’ charitable works. It will take place at the Paul VI Hall on May 14. The event is sponsored by the Office of the Apostolic Almoner, the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization and the Saint Matthew Foundation in memory of Cardinal Van Thuan.

The initiative was presented on Thursday in the Holy See Press Office by the Director of the Diocesan Choir of Rome, Monsignor Marco Frisina, and by Monsignor Diego Ravelli, head of the Office of the Apostolic Almoner.

The front seats, considered places of honor for this type of event, will be occupied by the poor of Rome. And this is being done not out of “goodism” but because we must learn to see Jesus in them. They will be the most distinguished guests of the afternoon, called through charitable and volunteer associations that work to help them and are collaborating in the realization of the event. Tickets for the concert will be free and every person will have an envelope on their seat to be able to leave a voluntary contribution which will be allocated to the

Monsignor Ravelli explained at the press conference to present the concert that the main task of this service is to exercise almsgiving , or rather, charity in the name of the Holy Father. It is a daily charity, carried out with discretion, almost silently, to all those who stretch out their hand to the Pope to receive help. Moreover, he specified that the Office of the Apostolic Almoner receives an enormous quantity of letters from individuals and families, often addressed directly to the Holy Father, asking for help in their needs.

Quantifying all the economic interventions carried out, the sum total that the Office of the Apostolic Almoner was able to hand out during 2014 was over 1.5 million euros, a figure that marked an increased of 25% over the previous year.

The initiative of the concert was described by Monsignor Ravewlli as a cup of fresh water of the Gospel to the little ones. It will only be a cup and will not be able to slake the thirst, but we know it will do good, both to the one who receives a sip as well as to those who give it, he said.

Finally, Monsignor Ravelli pointed out that the concert might well be only a simple musical note, but a note of charity and for charity, essential and precious in the greater symphony of love of the Church and of the World.

Monsignor Frisina, Director of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome , explained that for him it makes much sense to hold this concert on the day of the Ascension. Moreover, he said that for a long time he had wished to organize a concert for the poor.

In regard to the program of the concert, the Director of the Choir explained that the pieces that will be performed are a spiritual journey that will lead to encountering the Lord’s grace. We will be helped in this by the great poet Dante , of whom we celebrated this year the 750 years of his birth In fact, his Divine Comedy is a spiritual journey during which the poet, symbol of every man, seeks God who is Love.

My dream is that the music will help people to live,” said Monsignor Frisina, adding that “the love and mercy that the Pope is witnessing to us can make use of everything, including music.”

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