Papal Prayer Intention: Priestly Formation

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 1, 2004 ( John Paul II’s special prayer intentions this month are for the solid formation of priests and seminarians, and the development of Christian community’s missionary spirit.

The Apostleship of Prayer, entrusted with the duty, presented the Pope’s intentions. Every month the Holy Father chooses two intentions: one general, the other specifically missionary.

The general intention for April is: “That solid preparation of the candidates for holy orders and permanent training of ordained ministers may be carefully provided for.”

A prayer composed by the Apostleship of Prayer acknowledges that the mission of priests is more difficult every day “in a world that constantly proposes new approaches, fruit of the progress of the sciences, technology and the evolution of society. The word of a person in authority is no longer sufficient.”

The prayer ends as follows: “Lord, may the Church succeed in giving the necessary formation to the candidates for ordination and then conserve their aptitude with a permanent formation that will dispose them to dialogue with the culture of today’s society.”

The missionary intention is “That the missionary spirit ‘ad gentes’ may become a theme of reflection and a matter of constant commitment in the ordinary pastoral activity of the Christian community.”

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