Updated ‘Pope App’ Launched

Pope Given Personally Viewing by Vatican Developers

The Pontifical Council for Social Communications has launched an updated version of “the Pope App” and presented it to Pope Francis.

At a viewing to demonstrate its features Monday with the council’s president, Archbishop Claudio Celli, and the project coordinator, Thaddeus Jones, the Pope expressed gratitude for all the media services the council makes available.

The Holy Father thanked the council for enhancing the Vatican’s presence and participation in the digital world, Vatican Radio reported.

According to the council’s president, the app’s new design simplifies access to content and, allows people to be in ever closer contact with the Pope, his ministry and his message of God’s love,

Released in the iTunes and Google Play stores on July 4th, ‘The Pope App 2.0’ is free and available in five languages.

Powered by News.va, the app features the latest papal news and information as produced by the Vatican’s own media services and can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.  (D.C.L.)

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