Interview with the Pope on his return from the trip to Kazakhstan. Photo: Vatican Media

“I protected them as a chicken does her chicks.” The faithful were saying to him: “Father, please save us!” Testimony of the priest of the church attacked in Nigeria

“While the attack was going on, some saw them [the attackers] but were unable to identify them because they weren’t talking. During the Mass, some of the attackers disguised themselves as faithful,’ said the assistant parish priest of the church attacked in Nigeria. 

Sexual Abuse, Homosexuality and Celibacy in the Church. What Is “the Most Widespread Problem? Identity.” Interview with Psychologist Father Stefano Guarinelli

The new President of the Italian Episcopal Conference has announced the re-launching of the Church’s action, and the fight against abuses is news again. A burning topic, at least in so far as the formation of future priests, celibacy, generalized homosexual ideology and inability to transmit the faith to young people. Interview with psychologist Father Stefano Guarinelli.