A Winning Strategy to Restore Marriage

Organizer of March Speaks on Gaining Ground and Upholding Common Sense

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As the Supreme Court begins today to hear arguments regarding same-sex «marriage,» citizens have gathered in DC to defend a child’s right to a mother and father.

Carrying the slogan «Every child deserves a mom and dad,» the demonstrators are marching from the National Mall to the Supreme Court.

Thomas Peters, the director of communications for the National Organization for Marriage, took a moment to share a few brief thoughts with ZENIT on the vigil of the march.

ZENIT: This is the first national march for marriage. Could you give us an overview of the event? Who is organizing it and what can participants expect?

Peters: The National Organization for Marriage is leading a coalition of more than 50 groups to support our most important social institution — marriage — which unites men and women to become husbands and wives to give children the mother and father they deserve. 

ZENIT: The issue of same-sex «marriage» is at the Supreme Court today. What are your expectations regarding the legal battle? [The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today regarding California’s Proposition 8, the measure approved by voters in Californians to ban same-sex «marriages» in the state. On Wednesday, the Court will hear arguments regarding the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman at the federal level.]

Peters: We are confident the Supreme Court will uphold the votes of more than seven million Californians and more than 40 million Americans to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. 

ZENIT: Given the state of the cultural battle in regard to marriage, is a national march a key element in strategy? A similar event in France certainly highlighted public opposition to political resolve to promote the issue. Does that same public opposition exist in the States?

Peters: Yes, marches and public demonstrations are important tools to use to show that people are unafraid to strongly support marriage. More than 60% of Americans who have been given a chance to vote on the definition of marriage have chosen to uphold the commonsense definition. 

ZENIT: Those promoting same-sex «marriage,» nationally and internationally, are gaining ground. How would you summarize their strategy?

Peters: I disagree that they are gaining ground. The fact is the vast majority of countries continue to uphold marriage as the union of husband and wife while efforts to redefine it have stalled, as is evidenced by the massive rallies we see in France, in Puerto Rico, and the 600,000-plus citizens of Britain who have signed a petition supporting marriage  

ZENIT: And do those defending marriage have a strategy?

Peters: We absolutely do! The problem is the media constantly attempts to hide it. Social media and alternative news outlets including Christian and Catholic news services owe it to their readers to seek out groups like the National Organization for Marriage — and Heritage, the Family Research Council and Alliance Defending Freedom — that are actively implementing a winning strategy to restore a strong marriage culture in our society and for the next generation.

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