Pope Meets Attachés of the Antechamber

Pope Francis met with Attachés of the Antechamber, a group of lay people who form part of the Pontifical Household.

“I appreciate very much the kindness and cordiality with which you carry out your work, with a spirit of hospitality, inspired by love for the Church and for the Pope,” said the Holy Father.

Attachés are lay members of the Pontifical Household who offer their service during audiences, papal ceremonies, and official receptions. Although their origins are uncertain, historians believe they were in existence in the 16th century during Pope Clement VII’s pontificate. They received their current title from Pope Paul VI, in his Motu proprio Pontificalis Domus of 28 March 1968.

“The Pontifical Household is all the members of the Catholic Church, who here experience hospitality, the warmth of a family, and support for their faith. And the true Head of the house is the Lord, of whom we are all disciples, servants of His Gospel.”

He went on to encourage the Attachés to “cultivate an ongoing dialogue with (Jesus) in prayer . . . grow in friendship and intimacy with Him, and . . . witness His merciful love towards all.”

In so doing, he continued, “your work can become an opportunity to communicate the joy of being part of the Church.”

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