session of the Council of Cardinals (archive) Photo: Vatican Media

The School of Synodality of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations is born

The project will begin with a series of Webinars that will have as their main objective: to inform and deepen, with Assembly participants, the progress of the synodal process and the fundamental content of chapter 9 of the Synthesis Report in the first session of the Synodal Assembly: “Women in the Life and Mission of the Church”. The application of the synodal methodology in the Church, with a special focus on the full participation of women, will also be promoted.

Anglican «bishop» woman who spoke before the Pope: I was invited «to describe the Anglican way for women’s ordination.»

However, the Anglican «bishop’s» hope found a limit on Thursday, the 8th, by Pope Francis himself. In a speech to the Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Pope once again made it clear about the role of women in the Church that «it cannot be reduced to mere ministerial roles.»