Here is the statement from Bishop Larry Silva of Honolulu regarding this week's passage of the Same-Sex Marriage Bill in the State Legislature.

* * *

November 13, 2013

It is very sad that many of our State legislators and our Governor have confused a manufactured civil right with a true civil right based on the centuries-old respect for marriage as a stable union between one man and one woman established and publicly recognized primarily for the welfare of children. This manufactured world view is not what God, our Maker, has revealed to us, and it is symptomatic of a profound misunderstanding of the purpose of human sexuality. This misunderstanding is manifested, not only in this legislation, but in the many ways that we all fail to live as God has designed us. We pray that we will be able to restore marriage and family to their true place in God’s plan for humanity.

I want to thank all who worked so hard to express their opposition to the same-sex marriage legislation, who prayed diligently, and who contacted their legislators. May God bless you all! We pray for all the people of our State, especially for those who supported this bill. Though we disagree profoundly, may we live in peace with one another.