Nigerian Bishops: "Family Threatened by Materialism, Selfishness"

Also Condemn Using Children for Suicide Bombings

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Materialism and selfishness are threatening Nigerian families. The African nation’s bishops have decried this reality in a statement issued at the end of their plenary assembly, reported Fides.

The dominant culture which poses more and more challenges to the family, the bishops said, is reinforced «by a movie industry and social media that promotes primacy of the erotic and marital infidelity” and  “by pressure groups funded from within and without fighting to impose a redefinition of marriage.»

«Without referring to the Boko Haram insurgency and the heightened tension occasioned by the coming general elections,» the bishops said, it is impossible to speak of the challenges facing the family.

Not only has the Boko Haram insurgency led to loss of innocent lives, they noted, but it also has led to separation of members of the same families.

“Our hearts go to children separated from their parents, especially our beloved daughters, the Chibok girls, and others who have been abducted by mindless terrorists,» they said.

Moreover, the bishops criticize the use of children for suicide bombings, noting they are «saddened by the use of young and innocent minds indoctrinated by Boko Haram and used as suicide bombers. «

Young children  used to commit such crimes and young Nigerians used by politicians to intimidate and inflict violence on their political opponents, the African bishops deplored, is “a disturbing symptom of breakdown of family values in our society.»

They also criticized that the campaign is “devoid of issues of national interest,” but “full of threats of violence, falsehood, rumour mongering, mudslinging and suspicion.»

The statement concludes, appealing for greater attention to the family, especially in a way which promotes freedom and education of children.

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