The Star Singers Continue to Inspire in Poland

‘Do not let yourself be overcome by the pandemic and do not stop helping missions and missionaries’

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For almost 30 years, in Poland, on Saint Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day), the children of Missionary Childhood are sent by their parish priests to bring the Good News and the Christmas Blessing. Sharing the joy of Jesus’ birth, they talk about the needs of their peers in mission countries, asking for prayers and support.

«Usually they went to homes, hospitals, schools, hospices and nursing homes … This year everything is different. The pandemic has prohibited us from visiting, but the little missionaries never give up!». This is what Sister Monika Juszka, RMI, National Secretary of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood (POSI) in Poland, told Agenzia Fides.

«We have sought – and are still seeking – other ways of carrying out our action – continues Sister Monika -. Like every year, the children and their animators dedicate time, effort, talents, and skills to prepare the costumes, the star, and the scenes. They want to present them in churches, or in front of churches, during the Christmas holidays, spread it through social media, and of course present them in their families, all to help the children of the Masai people who are the protagonists of this year’s missionary action».

The Masai live in Kenya and Tanzania. They are very brave, hardworking, joyful, and colorful, but they struggle with many problems. «Children are always the most needy, emphasizes Sister Monika. They need help paying for their school uniforms and going to school. They also need help with their studies because the schools do not use the same language as the one they speak in their tribe. They need a well with clean water because they often get sick from drinking dirty water. Above all, children who are born with some deformities need care and surgery, because a different appearance for the Masai is a sign of a curse and therefore a death sentence».

Since the beginning of Advent, the Star Singers in Poland have been following the Advent calendar with the Masai: the children learn every day a curiosity about the life of this people and undertake a simple but specific action for them that is suggested. «After preparing material for the national and Catholic press (articles, photos, commercials), we started a global campaign in the mass media to promote the Star Singers and to raise awareness of the needs of Masai children – explains sister Monika to Fides -. We have also started an online fundraiser in collaboration with a Catholic crowdfunding portal, where donations can be made from all over the world for the Masai youth. All this in order not to allow ourselves to be overcome by the pandemic and not to stop helping missions and missionaries!».

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