Kamala Harris, American Vice-President

USA: births rise, abortions fall one year after Supreme Court ruling

The 2022 data show an 8% decrease in the abortion rate in the 32 states. This suggests that fewer women chose abortion in those states, even with the option to travel elsewhere to obtain it. These initial findings coincide with a study by the Institute of Labor Economics that revealed states with pro-life laws experienced an increase of 32,000 births due to the impact of such laws.

Pro-Life Christians: Now Is the Time to Shout from the Rooftops

So, what is the needful thing? Christians must raise their voices in protest against the culture of death. And they must do so by claiming and publicly proclaiming the values that come from their faith. For too long, believers have been cowed into silence by the insinuation that religion is a “private” matter. Nonsense. Christian values have informed our society from the beginning and have provided the coherent moral framework that most of us still take for granted. Now is not the time for quietude. It is time for us to shout our convictions from the rooftops.

International Abortion Giant Pressures USA on Abortion

Representatives from Ipas, Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice, Physicians for Human Right, and State Innovation Exchange were all present at a UN Human Rights Committee hearing and, along with other abortion groups, reported on “the human rights violations caused by abortion bans in the U.S.” Subsequently, the committee recommended that the US fully decriminalize abortion.