Survey to Prepare for Mideast Synod

«Communion and Witness»

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VATICAN CITY, JAN. 26, 2010 ( Here is the list of questions sent to the local Churches in the Holy Land and Middle East to prepare for the synod on the region.

The synod will be held in the Vatican this October. Its theme is «The Catholic Church in the Middle East: Communion and Witness. ‘Now the company of those who believed were of one heart and soul’ (Acts 4: 32).»

* * *

1. Do you read Scripture individually, in your family or in living communities?
2. Does this reading inspire the choices you make in family, professional and civic life?
3. What are the Churches doing to support and encourage vocations to the religious and contemplative life?

4. How can we contribute to the improvement of the social environment in the various countries in our region?
5. What is your Church doing to assist, with the necessary critical eye, in dealing with contemporary ideas in your societies?
6. How can respect for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience be increased?

7. What can be done to stop or slow the emigration of Christians from the Middle East?
8. How can we follow and stay in touch with Christian who have emigrated?
9. What should our Churches do to teach the faithful respect for immigrants and their right to be treated with justice and charity?

10. What is your Church doing to provide pastoral care for Catholic immigrants and to protect them against abuse and exploitation by the State (police and prison officers), by agencies and employers?
11. Do our Churches work to train Christian executives to contribute to the social and political life of our countries? What could they do?

12. What does communion in the Church mean?
13. How is communion manifested among the various Churches of the Middle East and between them and the Holy Father?
14. How can relations among the various Churches be improved in the areas of religious, charitable and cultural activity?

15. Does the attitude of «Church people» concerning money pose a problem for you?
16. Does participation of the faithful of your Church in celebrations of other Catholic Churches pose a problem for you?
17. How can relations of communion among the various people in the Church be improved: between bishops and priests, people in consecrated life, lay-people?

18. Does catechesis prepare the young to understand and live the faith?
19. Do homilies respond to the expectations of the faithful? Do they help them understand and live the faith?
20. Are Christian radio and TV programs adequate? Would you like to see something else in your country? What programs seem to you to be missing?

21. Practically speaking, how can ecumenical relations be promoted?
22. Does the re-discovery of a shared heritage (Syriac, Arabic and others) have some importance?
23. Do you think the liturgy needs to be reconsidered to some extent?

24. How can we bear witness to our Christian faith in our Middle Eastern countries?
25. How can relations with other Christians be improved?
26. How should we regard our relations with Judaism as a religion? How can peace and the end of political conflict be promoted?

27. In what areas can we collaborate with Muslims?
28. Why are we afraid of the future?
29. How do we incarnate our faith in our work?

30. How do we incarnate our faith in politics and society?
31. Do we believe we have a specific vocation in the Middle East?
32. Any other comments?

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