Disaster Reduction Day: Pope Makes Appeal for Concrete Action

Reminds the Importance of Safeguarding Our Common Home

Audience September 27 2017 Capture CTV

Audience - Capture Vatican Media

Recalling that October 13th marks the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, during today’s General Audience this morning, Oct. 11, 2017, the Pope renewed his “call for the safeguarding of Creation through ever more careful protection and care for the environment.”

“I encourage institutions and those with public and social responsibilities, to further promote a culture with the objective of reducing exposure to risks and natural disasters,” he said.

“The concrete actions devoted to the study and defense of the common house,” the Pope said, “can gradually reduce the risks for the most vulnerable populations.”

According to the United Nations, more than 1.35 million people have perished due to natural disasters over the past 20 years.

According to its official website, International Day for Disaster Reduction began in 1989, after a call by the United Nations General Assembly for a day to promote a global culture of risk-awareness and disaster reduction. Held every October 13th, the day celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness about the importance of reining in the risks that they face.


On the NET:

International Day for Disaster Reduction: http://www.unisdr.org/2017/iddr/

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