England: Pope Appoints Bishop of Lancaster

Rev. Can. Paul Swarbrick of Lancaster

Bishop-Elect Swarbrick -- Diocese of Lancaster photo

The Holy Father on February 12, 2018, appointed as bishop of Lancaster, England, the Rev. Can. Paul Swarbrick, of the clergy of the diocese of Lancaster, currently parish priest of Christ the Good Shepherd and dean of West Cumbria.

Bishop-Elect Paul Swarbrick

Bishop-Elect Paul Swarbrick was born in Garstang, in the county of Lancashire, on July 2, 1958. He prepared for the priesthood in the seminary of Urshaw College, Durham.

He was ordained a priest for the diocese of Lancaster, on 10 July 1982.

After serving as vicar in the parishes of Saint Mary’s, Kells (1982-1983), Saint Maria Goretti, Preston (1983-1984), Saint Cuthbert’s, Blackpool (1984-1990), he was sent as fidei donum to the diocese of Monze, in Zambia (1990-2005). After returning to his country, from 1998 to 2001 he was first parish vicar in English Martyrs in Preston (2006-2007), then parish priest of Sacred Heart and Saint Walburge’s in Preston (2007-2010) and finally, from 2010 parish priest of Christ the Good Shepherd, Workington, Cumbria, including Saint Mary, Harrington, Our Lady Star of the Sea and Saint Michael, Bankland, and Saint Gregory, Westfield.

Since 2010 he is also dean of Our Lady and Saint Benedict, West Cumbria.

In 2015 he became canon of the Cathedral of Lancaster.


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