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Photos by Zenit Vatican Correspondent - Deborah Castellano Lubov

FEATURE: Welcome to a Winter Wonderland of Snow in Rome & the Vatican

Zenit Wishes to Show Our Readers Some Scenes from a Rare Snowfall in Rome

Since the end of last week, there was speculation …. There is a possibility that the snow that has been hitting other parts of Italy could arrive in Rome. However, those here–who love and miss seeing snow–would not get their hopes up, afraid to be disappointed if it would not arrive (including me, from New York, who misses seeing snow for years and was dreaming of when I could again). While others dreaded the thought, thinking of how the city would shut down and pure chaos would takeover. 

This would mark the first snowfall in six years.

Whether happy or not, it came this morning. Romans and foreigners here in the city were woken up to a beautiful white wonderland … and some slush and slipping.

Children were throwing snowballs around St. Peter’s Square, on stairs in their neighborhoods. Winter boots and snow pants on, for those who may have had ski apparel in their closets, otherwise, unprepared sneakers and not heavy enough clothes.

Many mothers could be seen trying to coach their toddlers on how to walk in the snow.

In the cafes, you saw some even opting for hot cocoa, rather than a coffee, and there was much commotion! Others were saying how the beauty of the white blanketing the scenery made them feel the urge to put back up their Christmas Trees and Nativity Scenes.

As well as being careful on the sidewalks and streets, one must watch for Romans and Italians stopping in the middle of the street suddenly to take pictures of the historic snow.

Despite the chaos which has been brought, Zenit has been enjoying this historic moment and wanted to share with you some scenes around Rome and the Vatican of this rare snowfall.


Photos by Zenit Vatican Correspondent – Deborah Castellano Lubov



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