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Pope: Bringing Joy to a Gloomy World Is Act of Mercy

Praises ‘artisans’ of celebration, of wonder, of the beautiful, and encourages them to be evangelizers who transmit love of God

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Pope Francis says that bringing beauty and joy to a sometimes gloomy and sad world is also an act of mercy.
The Pope affirmed this today when he gave a brief address for the Jubilee to itinerant artists — from puppeteers and street musicians to open-air painters and circus performers.
The Holy Father told the musicians and performers that they are “‘artisans’ of celebration, of wonder, of the beautiful.”
“With these qualities you enrich the society of the whole world,” he said, adding: “You do so through exhibitions that have the capacity to elevate the spirit, to show the audacity of particularly demanding exercises, to fascinate with the wonder of the beautiful and of proposing occasions of healthy entertainment.”
The Pope said the artists and performers are in fact a “special resource” in evangelization: “With your continuous moving, you can bring to all the love of God, His embrace and His mercy. You can be an itinerant Christian community, witnesses of Christ who is always on the way to encounter those who are most distant.”
The Holy Father also congratulated them for various initiatives in the Year of Mercy to make their entertainment programs available to the poor, prisoners, and other needy groups. “This too is mercy: to sow beauty and joy in a world that at times is gloomy and sad,” he said.
The Pontiff also recognized the difficulties these groups have in participating in parish life. “Therefore, I invite you to take care of your faith,” he said. “Take every occasion to approach the Sacraments. Transmit to your children the love of God and of neighbor.”
He also called on particular Churches to be attentive to the needs of these and similarly mobile groups.
“As you know, the Church is concerned about the problems that accompany your itinerant life, and she wishes to help you to eliminate the prejudices that sometimes keep you somewhat on the margins,” he assured. “May you always be able to carry out your work with love and care, confident that God accompanies you with His Providence, generous in the works of charity, willing to offer the resources and the genius of your arts and of your professions.”

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