Mary’s Assumption Concerns Future of Humanity, Tweets Pope Francis

‘She Announces . . . Christ’s Victory’

The Assumption of the Virgin

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Pope Francis explained that the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, celebrated on August 15, 2017, concerns in fact the ‘future’ of the baptized, of humanity: she announces ‘Christ’s victory’ over evil.

The Holy Father posted this message on his account @Pontifex: “Mary’s Assumption regards our future: it turns our gaze heavenward announcing the new heaven and new earth with Christ’s victory.”

Pope Francis had already published a “Marian” Tweet last Sunday, August 13. He stressed the virtue of humility. “Mary shows us that humility is not the virtue of the weak, but of the strong who do not mistreat others to feel themselves important.”

The Pontiff developed this thought before the Angelus on August 15, saying: “The great things that God has done thanks to humble persons, the great things that the Lord does in the world with the humble, because humility is like an emptiness that gives room to God. The humble person is powerful because he is humble, not because he’s strong. Behold the grandeur of the humble and of humility. I would like to ask you – and also myself – but don’t answer in a loud voice, each one answer in his heart: ‘How’s my humility?’”

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